Suppositories are a method of delivering or injecting the medicines with particular properties (usually laxatives) into various external openings of human or animal body. They may be insertions into vagina, urethra or rectum and the medicine injected into it dissolves and starts its method of work. But here in this article we will discuss about rectum suppository for constipation.

Suppository for Constipation

The Medicine mixed with suppository

In suppository for constipation the pharmaceutical property of the medicine will be laxative mixed with bisacodyl or glycerin. If a person is suffering with hemorrhoids then the person is treated with moisturizers or vasoconstrictors.

Commonly known as Enema

Usually a liquid type of medicine is used to treat if the suppository is purposely used for good bowel movement or constipation. The other common name for liquid suppository is known as enema. The insertion of fluid into the anal rectum for the person who is constipated or who is suffering from poor bowel movement, this type of method is used. This is very old method used to detoxify or clean your colon and rectum.

Why suppository used for constipated persons ?

The ejection of the stools by this method is easy, fast and safe without any side effects if performed by a trained person. Basically after performing this procedure the cleansing of lower intestine, colon and rectum will be ensured. Toxins, hard fecal matter build up and removing of excessive ammonia or potassium is also removed. There are some other purpose too where this procedure is used and that include treatment of constipation, colon cleansing, preparation for bowel surgery, deliver medicine via rectal membrane and to alleviate inflammation of the bowel.

How we feel after enema

We can feel increased in our energy, pounds of waste and toxins are flushed out, will feel lighter because we loss some pounds after suppository, our belly is flattened and last but not least your overall health will be enhanced.

Natural Suppository for constipation can be prepared at home

Coffee enema

If you are looking for a clinic to perform the method by a medical professional then it will cost you some where around $100 to $150 per session. If you do not want to waste that much money then there is a safe and cost effective method for preparing your own suppository for constipation at home.

Coffee enema can be prepared by using the grounded coffee powder. There is no extra money you need to prepare this enema mixture because coffee powder is available in your kitchen.  Mix fresh grounded coffee powder in very hot water then allow the mixture to cool to room temperature. Then pour the cooled coffee water in the bag and here your home made enema is ready.

If you did'nt get information about remedies for constipation, Try Google Search

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