You may have seen or read many books or eBooks about breast feeding and not even one book you have not found any division in the book which says something about baby constipation or constipation in breastfed babies. And it is good because breast milk is a natural laxative and you rarely find the babies who are constipated because these babies are fed with mother’s milk. Another good reason we can find here is if these babies are constipated then we can come to a conclusion that the baby may be suffering from some medical problem.

Even though as I said earlier, that breast milk is natural laxative some infants find themselves difficult to eject there feces or stools. Actually here the culprit may be the formulated milk and if you have found out the constipation problem started suddenly then most probably its due to formulated milk or any baby foods.

The remedy for constipation in this particular situation is feed your baby with more of breast milk. The natural laxative that contains in the milk will again makes soft and eases bowel moments for your baby again. So the reason for constipation in a breast fed baby can be some medical illness that requires medical help and a visit to your is necessary in this particular case. Secondly eating or drinking of formulated milk or baby foods. Thirdly it can be just immediate after you start feeding your baby with some solid foods.

Constipation in breastfed babies

Here are some of the symptoms of constipation in babies :

If your baby is pooping less than 5 bowel moments in a week and if this continues for more than 2 weeks then it should be treated with good constipation remedies after consulting your doctor.

If your baby’s stools are hard and stools are like pebbles then there is a problem.

If the baby cries out loudly for every bowel movement, looks week.

Constipation remedies for babies :

  • If the constipation has started after starting formulated milk or food then stop that particular thing and feed your baby with more breast milk. Or reduce the formulated milk with increased feeding for breast milk.

Note : If your baby is dependent only on mothers milk, but still it is constipated take your baby to a pediatric doctor.

  •  Do not stop breast feeding and start with cow’s milk if your baby is constipated. Actually cow’s milk will cause irritation to your baby’s stomach because its harder to get protein present in cow’s milk to digest. But sometimes diluting the cow’s milk with some water with two part of milk and one part of water will make your baby to digest this milk easily. But before feeding make sure the mixture is boiled and cooled.

If your breast milk production has been reduced then you can try the above said method or you can contact your local human milk bank but it will be costlier or you can find some donors of milk with your close friends or relatives for the same.

  • If your baby is more than 6 months old then try feeding your baby with apple and pear juice with less sugar added to it. This will make the colon of babies strong.

 As this article constipation in breastfed babies is for infants always consult your doctor before trying the above remedies to be at a safer side.

If you did'nt get information about remedies for constipation, Try Google Search

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